Ok so how many registries we got now?

This is unbelievable I've counted at least 10 registries ,Abkc,Ubkc,US Bully registry,Ibkc,Rkc,Brc,Tbkc,Abr,Ibr,Iber I lost count but I know there is lots more.When will it stop everyone thinks they're are the bully Gods and they can bring it back to where it was lmao I got bad news it won't ever happen so stop.. 

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  • What happens to your paper work when these stop and go registries fade away ? I’m guessing you end up with a yard full of non papered dogs unless you are using multiple registries. I wouldn’t mind supporting some of these people but what’s going to happen in a year or 2 when your hype fades away and you drop the business...
    • I guess it fades too lol
      • good thing most of these dogs are paper hung either way lol
  • I think ABKc will thrive against the rest . I’m not a fan of abkc but I’m sure that’s the direction my camp is heading.
    • Yea they’ll be just fine they’re already established
  • Just saw this today a new one <img style='display: block;' alt='47535D72-EF2C-4086-88D5-5F5647732A01.jpeg' src='' />
  • Who's behind this Tbkc ?

    • Terrel DLine
  • They'll all run back to the Abkc

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