Ch Magoo rumored to be sold for 500k USD..


The legendary ABKC Champion Muscletone's Magoo has left the U.S.A today on his route to China to his new owner Nan Bai ....yes Magoo is sold i wont reveal the amount but i will say the price is the highest an American Bully has ever been sold for and the highest register sale of any dog in history ...more will be revealed in Royalbullys Magazine at ABKC Nationals this year ,do not worry we have enough frozen to last us a decade worth of breedings so we will still have plenty of breeding with Magoo 

Yes, I bought Magoo!!!Yes,the price is the highest an American Bully has ever been sold for and the highest register sale of any dog!!!Yes, he is the best and top dog!!!Yes, this is a big day, Magoo landed in China. This is just a new beginning. A lot of people say I and Bashar crazy. But we know what we do. I have paid so much, just to realize my dream.

Abkc Ch Magoo was sold for rumored 500 thousand dollars to a reputable buyer in China. This will make Magoo the most expensive American bully purchase ever.

Forget about Bullseye rumored figures which was just a hoax to sell semen, Magoo has produced some amazing bullies let's see what they make of him over there in China ..

Oh Magoo isn't dead he's very well alive you know if I haven't said it first it isn't true,,

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  • Congrats bad ass
  • He got over $500k

  • Beautiful dog; I'll still have a "magoo" (magooline) here at Benno Bulls Kennel

  • yup

  • wow 500 big ones nice

  • He is a great dog but i think casablanca is better them his Sire so he did not loos anything
  • "Rumored to have sold for $500,000" originally posted by the owner.. Hmm How do you not know what he sold for? All hype. Bully King has offered to do a write up on CH Magoo and his new owner. Most likely Magoo was sold for closer to 90-100k to cash in, as he is not as popular as he once was or as popular as other Dax sons who have taken the reigns

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